PST Personal Compact


This device is based, like all professional PST therapy devices, on the same principle, proven by almost 40 years of experience. It also contains the same indications for using like the PST H-50 portable device, intended for people who deal with treatment and rehabilitation professionally.


Advantages of the Personal Compact Infinity device:

-  small light, very handy

- easy to use

- the ability to perform therapy anywhere, anytime

- painless therapy

- without side effects

- therapeutic effect as in the case of professional PST devices

2 years warranty

The device meets the requirements of the Medical Products Directive No. 93/42 / EEC and has the CE 0123 certified by TÜV.

Indications for use of the Personal Compact Infinity:

Personal Compact Infinity is used for many diseases and injuries of the joints of the upper and lower limbs, especially in cases of sports injuries.

In a situation where the entire spine or a larger section must be treated, you should undergo therapy using a professional PST H-300 device in the PST Center, which will bring greater effectiveness of the therapy.

Depending on the type of disease, many patients experience a remarkable improvement in physical activity and significant pain relief after PST therapy. Many patients even managed to completely free themselves from pain.

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